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By Andrew Mason

In order for your bankruptcy business to thrive, getting good bankruptcy leads is essential. Obviously, the success of any business is finding good customers, and before they become customers, you have to market to them properly in order to get them in the door and doing business with you.

This whole process starts out with generating bankruptcy leads, and I will explain how to find the best ones right now to get your business off the ground.

A lead is somebody that has already filed for bankruptcy, and it generally contains their name, business, and other personal contact information so that you can be in touch with them.

Typically, the better leads, in addition to including their physical mailing address and phone number, will also include the amount of debt they owe, their current income, and of course, at what point in the bankruptcy process they are in.


This is very relevant information in case you focus on a particular client base (ex people filing for chapter 7, chapter 11, over a certain income point, etc).

Getting good leads is obviously imperative for your business. Keep in mind, there are many companies that’s sole purpose is to generate bankruptcy leads and then sell them to companies like yours, so finding the right company is very important, because quite simply, not all leads are created equal.

Keep in mind, the best method is to finding good deals is to find leads with as much information about them as possible, including the facts I described above. When looking for a good lead company, find one that sends the leads to you immediately, in order to ensure the leads are fresh.

The newer the leads, the better, because if you attempt to buy leads several weeks or even months old, for one thing, they might have already filed for bankruptcy and therefore don’t need your services.

If they haven’t, they probably will have received many direct mail campaigns from other companies, in which case they very likely will either have already picked out the company, or by this time ignoring the mailings altogether.

Probably the best lead source is the internet, because you can be sure these leads are instantaneous, rather than offline leads, which often times take several weeks to process.

Make sure, when you call up the bankruptcy leads company, that you determine exactly what methods they use to generate their leads, ensure that you will be receiving the lead immediately after it’s generated, and then go with them.

You very likely will have to test leads from several different sources, but once you hit on a leads source that works, you will have good leads that your business can run on for years to come. Quite simply, you won’t know beforehand which lead source is the best; that’s part o the beauty of marketing-testing.

Again, I’d recommend starting out with internet leads, finding the best on there, and once you’ve done this, then move offline. This will help you find the best bankruptcy leads both on and offline.

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