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Submitted by: Brian McAboy

Traders blame themselves all day long for not having the discipline to stick to their system.

You’ve done it. I’ve done it. Everyone does it.

Seems like a natural conclusion that if you’re not sticking to your system, and it’s just you, your system and the markets, then the problem must be you. Right?

Can’t be the markets.

Can’t be your system.

Or can it?

The Culprit Hiding in Plain Sight

Is it possible that your trading system itself can be causing you to hesitate, freeze up, get out early, or over trade?

Having helped traders work through their issues for more that 6 years, I can definitely say “YES!”

With nearly 98% of my clients, the same problem existed.

We isolated WHEN their emotions would flare up and then took a closer look at their system, we found a direct correlation.


This was a very clear evidence that their system really was the culprit behind their ‘discipline breakdowns’.

It makes complete sense too.

After all, they aren’t normally ‘undisciplined’ people. They demonstrate good discipline in numerous aspects of their lives.

They have also demonstrated achieving success already in their lives, so it’s not a fear of failure or success.

They’re okay with money, making money and accumulating it, because otherwise they wouldn’t be in a position to trade.

So the problem logically is NOT one of discipline, it must be something else.

A Huge Mistake Traders Make

It’s easy to think that just because you have a good strategy in hand, that you also have a solid system.

But the two are not one and the same.

You can have a very sound strategy, and even a proven method, but a lousy system.

This happens all the time, even to professional traders and trading system creators.

And if you try to trade with a system that has functional issues, it will affect how well and how consistently you trade.

How The Quality of Your System Affects You

When you try to trade with a system that is poorly constructed or is lacking certain qualities, it makes it difficult to follow and use.

You hit those points in your system where ‘what to do’ is confusing or unclear – you’ve probably experienced this at least once if not many times.

Those weaknesses in how your system is constructed are essentially ‘invitations’ for your emotions to come in and make the decisions that should be made by your better judgment.

When your emotions flare up, it is often your subconscious letting you know that something isn’t right.

Another Gross Error – And The Real Root of The Problem

No one seems to question the quality or user-friendliness of their trading system. They only challenge the strategy or indicators and rules used in the system.

The error and root of the problem is that everyone thinks they know how to recognize a good system (in contrast to strategy or method), or fix one that has issues, when if fact they don’t.

Because they lack this know-how, they live with disappointing results, needless beat themselves up for not being disciplined, and/or continually change systems looking for one that works, passing over several winners simply because they didn’t see them or know how to capitalize on them.

Does Your System Have Problems? Here’s How To Know It’s Solid

This starts with how you document your trading system.

To help you make sure your system is user-friendly and documented in a way that makes it easy to follow and trade consistently, use this simple 3-step process.

Watch the video that explains the process at

One of the four main aspects of the psychology of trading is that of making sure that you have good tools with which to work.

Trying to trade with a trading system that is lacking is like trying to play golf with bent clubs or trying to play tennis with a loosely strung racquet it will require much more effort than it should and produce lesser results than if you have good equipment.

If your system is lacking, it represents direct functional issues in trying to use it. Even if you manage to force yourself to be more disciplined, your subconscious will make sure to let you know that something is not up to par and will correct the situation by thwarting your efforts.

Always keep in mind that trading psychology means much more than just focusing on being more disciplined. As you ve discovered here, what appears to be a lack of discipline can actually be a symptom of a completely different issue.

About the Author: Do you ever have trouble sticking to your trading system? Fix the real problem and stop trying to just be more disciplined . Having a solid system starts with how you

document your trading system

. To document your system in a user-friendly way that makes it easy to follow and trade consistently, watch this video that explains how at


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