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Submitted by: Ashnit Ahuja

In today s rushing world, selling products on the internet generates an intensive competition between sellers and service providers. This has made it clear that a single, well designed webpage is not the key of success, but only the first, basic step towards running a successful business.

Those who want to gain a leading position in the race have to offer even more: a quick, clear, understandable service.

Understand customer s online behaviour:

Although internet has become a part of our life for long years, costumers are not necessarily experts of navigating in the digital world. This makes it very important for your company to have a clearly designed, easily usable portal. When visitors are not able to find the information they need with a few, quick clicks, they are going to leave the webpage and start looking for another service provider.

Guide your visitor to find what he wants:

It is also very important for your website to be convincing, and listing all the important data about which the visitors might be interested. Prices and exact descriptions of the listed goods are not always enough. There are several questions which might arise in the users. Why is one product better than the other? Which is the best choice for their personalized needs? What are the exact terms and conditions when they order something from you? And the queue of these is continuing.

Customize your way of communicating with visitors:

Does not it seem to be as if you should design a separate, personalized website to all of your possible costumers? Well, it is almost true. The only thing, which can emerge your website from the others, is if you are able to find a voice which reaches your costumers. And, surprisingly, sometimes you literally need a voice.

Make yourself easily accessible to your customer:

Today, almost every portal provides the opportunity to contact the service provider. There are automatic message systems, e-mail addresses, sometimes even different messenger addresses on which you can contact the company. However, most of these channels cannot offer a real-time support, and many companies do not even waste time on checking the inbox of these messaging systems. That is, however, a big mistake.

Real time online support:

If an online visitor gets his query resolved on the fly, he would be interested to explore more. It is therefore evident that by answering questions and resolving the doubts of consumers, the business can increase the chances of making sales, even double or triple the number of successful sales, which can be vital for the company.

The best way of treating costumers questions is to have a live costumer support system. Establishing an online support centre and customer service desk is, of course, not easy. However, it means that you can instantly solve issues, beating others, who use the traditional methods.

The Solution:

Setting up live chat support and an dedicated online customer support platform involves technical and resource hassles. However, there are very good companies today which enable you to outsource costumer services. These companies work with professional staff and able to provide a reliable, trustworthy and continuous service a real time help for your costumers.

Call centre outsourcing has a double-side benefit: you and your costumers will have the best online support service, and you and your staff do not have to take time on checking and solving the problems regularly.

It is now apparent that costumers should not be left alone when they look for information on your website. But installing a customer support desk and maintaining the same might prove to be more time-consuming and costly. However, call centre outsourcing service solves this problem.

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