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What To Do On A 7 Day Surf And Yoga Retreat In Bali}


February 17, 2018 by L9mTgd86

Submitted by: Manmohan Singh

Dreaming of the bright sun and sea washing you over with happiness? Listen to your heart looking for an escape to the golden beaches of Bali. In this island of the Gods, you will be greeted with an array of interesting cultural riches, great food, and amazing hospitable people. Club this with your love for yoga and surf, and you will have the perfect getaway of your life.

Here is what to do on one of the beautifully styled 7 Day Surf and Yoga Retreat in Bali:

Destination for Balanced Yoga – You dont come to Bali to work out until dog-tired. Do yoga here to pleasure your senses. Bali retreats schedule courses with a proportionate mix of restorative-style soft lessons. Amidst tropical island woods where wind whistles through the day and the vision of peace is all around, doing postures on the mat feels other worldly.

Bali retreats for yoga are actually centered upon guided meditation. The art of looking inwards to find mind peace is favored by the ethereal vibes of this island. Little sounds of the jungle and sea will help your focus. The yoga postures are formulated to release you from negativities physiologically, letting your mind take flight.

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The Extras with Yoga – Since Bali retreats focus on a soft yoga routine, you will get the better half of your days free to develop your personal practice. If you are a seasoned traveler at heart, you might want to use your time exploring the indigenous villages, the quaint temples, and fascinating foods of the place. Within the retreat schedule, there will be

Bicycle excursions-

Visiting the volcano

Dining at the Authentic Rice Field Restaurant

Indulge the Senses – Coming to Bali to do yoga is no reason why you must stay off indulgent island food. Find your object to obsess your taste buds the indigenous coffee, churro ice cream, colorful tex-mex, succulent meat, fresh seafood, and great pastries. Seafront cocktail bars are also great to spend sweet evenings, absorbing the beauty of the setting sun while sipping on smooth mixes of happiness.

The Surf Mecca – Since the 60s and 70s, Bali has been witness to famous surfers playing on its waves. Learn riding the waves with panache here in Bali where Uluwatu, Bukit, other known names in the surfing world found home for their passion.

Bali tourism development has a special eye for creating the island into a surf haven. The Kuta Beach being the all-time destination in the 60s-70s for the cool clan is now beckoning to you. It is in Bali that surfing becomes a spiritual experience in tune with yoga and the philosophy out of which the discipline took birth.

On your 7 day retreat, you will be on a quest to look for the perfect wave. Great surf teacher will let you on the little tricks of how to be the master on the board. It is the spiritual conquest of having mind over matter and becoming one with your own soul while harmonizing with the tides in the natural world.

About the Author: Manmohan Singh is a yoga enthusiast himself, freelance writer Manmohan lets his free spirit flow with his thoughts as he pens them down in his writings. Contact with him here


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