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By Keith P.

Have you ever had a look inside the air ducts in your home? The heating and cooling system operation blows various pollutants that lie deep within the duct system into the home environment. An air duct cleaning removes the pollutants and particles from your ducts, supplying your home with clean, healthy air.

When you clean the home or simply move around, hair, dirt, debris, allergens and dust mites can fall into the duct system through your registers. Over time, these pollutants can pump through the system and back into the air, causing poor indoor air quality. You and your family inhale these pollutants which can create respiratory problems and allergic reactions. The air duct cleaning process will alleviate the issue. The duct system can produce cleaner, healthier air once again.

Periodically, rodents may enter into the system, being able to squeeze through tiny holes or misaligned pipe fittings. The mice or rodents leave feces, nests that can be filled with debris, hair and can shift dust or pollutants around inside the system. The unit will release these pollutants and particles back into the air of your home.


If you find your furniture hosts more dust than usual, it is probably time for a thorough air duct cleaning. The layers of dust lying around the home are most likely coming up through the ducts, coating furniture and the horizontal surfaces in the room. This is a good indication that you may need a duct cleaning.

Mold spores are another issue in terms of air ducts that run throughout the home. When your home becomes filled with moisture, from humid or moist outdoor air, steam from appliances and showers and other sources that produce steam or moisture, the dampness can end up inside your duct system. Mold and mildew find the perfect home from the damp, moist areas inside the system. As the air conditioning and heating system operates, these spores and odors can make their way through your home. The mold spores can produce health issues, unwanted musty odors and damage to your system and items inside the home. The air duct system cleaning is a process that eliminates the odors and moisture to safeguard your home from further damage and your family from inhaling unhealthy air.

If there are rodent problems within the system, it may be a good idea to have a technician assist you in covering the air pipes that lie throughout the home. Ensure all of the pipes have a good, secure connection. When there is a tiny crack in any of the connections or duct pipes themselves, it is an opportunity to let vermin into the home.

Discuss the air duct cleaning process with a professional HVAC technician. They can determine how often your home may need a duct cleaning, taking into consideration the size of the home, the hours of operation of the system and the traffic within your home. At this time, the air duct system can be checked for any type of debris, pollutants and allergens. If mold exists within the pipes, it’s time to have your air duct system cleaned and have the mold spores dealt with. The local professional technician is equipped with the latest tools to enable the process.

All in all, the latest systems create a cleaner, healthier air quality inside our homes. They are easy to operate, produce the most heat and cool air and keep the energy bill at a minimum. When the system is maintained, it is an excellent solution to healthier air, less energy use and comfort levels that are unsurpassed.

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